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This beautiful being is dancing in the intergalactic space, going from one place to another, doing her job, meeting with different beings… some are orange, some are gray, some are purple, and some are red. She is never alone, and she is good at what she does… but she feels tired and lonely because nobody is turquoise as her.

One day, after zillions of time… this being starts feeling an amazing and soothing energy, she doesn't know where it is coming from, but her body knows it is true. Suddenly, from very far away, this turquoise light is seen, very shy and very humble… and her heart skips a beat… she recognizes it as one of the kids of her "old neighborhood"… Waw, how much wonderment and happiness to have found after such a long time, a being with the same frequencies, a common language… At that moment every cell in her being starts celebrating, with a stronger vibration, creating so much energy that all her tiredness is gone, she is renewed. She can continue vibrating in this eternal dance, with no effort, with no fear, growing and developing… She has connected with her Inner Strength.

This is what happens in Lighthouse, where souls from different vibrations come together in this amazing dance of life, where you are never alone, but you will never feel lonely again. Where beautiful "mirrors" can help you learn to" walk your talk", to be one with your word, when your actions vibrate with your voice and your inner truth, and that is building your Inner Strength.

As caretakers, we learn together to work with integrity, to stay open and understand our limitations so we can overcome them, yes, sometimes with "a little help of our friends", we are there for each other, and that way we can stay connected to our truth, which helps to build our Inner Strength.

We look to be in harmony with all our bodies… disease has its way of coming in through the spaces between our different bodies, when each one is pulling in different directions. That is why the alignment of our bodies in our present life, to our inner truth is so important for our total health… There we are connected to our Inner Strength.

With gratitude for this beautiful dance of life and all that we are learning, with appreciation of the care and compassion that we find in each other, I invite you all to keep building our inner strength by aligning our bodies, walking our talk and working with the utmost integrity.

In love and light, Shanti.

מאת שאנטי רובינזון ביליצקי, מטפלת בשיטת איזון חיים ו-EMDR לטיפול בפוסט-טראומה.

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