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The Osteopathic Knowledge as a Holistic approach

What is osteopathy? What is chronic pain? How are they related?

Osteopathy,offers a multifocal solution to pain sources. A unique method that attracts many patients around the world. Osteopathic medicine is based on treating the body as a whole, it looks for the root of the problem or the pathology involved, and not only where it hurts!

So instead of focusing on specific symptoms, like pain for example, osteopaths look on how the body’s systems (nerves, muscles, bones, joints and internal organs) are related and how they can affect different parts of it.

So for example if you don’t sleep at night and have headaches during the day, you can be facing a problem related to a tight jaw that irradiates pain to your head and neck, the muscles there can be very tight and therefore cause bad sleeping habits plus migraines, sinus or other symptoms.

Chronic pain is considered after more of 48 hours of pain. But if there wasn't any trauma, accident or direct bump to the region of pain, there is a reason to think that maybe the pain is coming from a different point or zone than where the actual pain is; it could be an irradiated pain coming from a nerve, a different muscle or even an internal organ. Pain is related to a variety of other factors: emotions, hormones, sleeping, digestion and of course stress.

An Osteopathic session includes: - Manual therapy adjustments for structural imbalances (such as spine,hip and joints disorders). - Working on the head and neck with craniosacral techniques and treatment of the gut and the internal organs to ensure their proper movement and release tension from tissues around them. All these manual therapy techniques are ideal for healthy patients as well. After all, we all need some corrections to help our body be balanced and healthier.

So, I invite you to consider Osteopathic medicine as a scientific way to understand our body, to connect with the root of the problem and not only the symptoms, and above everything to be pain free! It would be my pleasure to share with you my vast experience in Osteopathy and meet you for a session at our facilities at Lighthouse center.

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