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Today I would like to relate to the unity, to the unification of all of our parts as spiritual beings having a human experience … to the alignment of our different bodies that can express our inner and outer truth, what we think and what we do…

Do we walk our talk? Are we attuned to what goes inside us in regards to the times of change that are happening right here and right now? Are we living in balance between our inner world and our outer existence?

These are times of very big transformational and challenging changes that is bringing many crises in the world, which apparently, we need to go through them, knowing deep deep inside that they are necessary to get to this transformation.

So, during these intense times, if you are a sensitive and empathic person like most healers are then you might be feeling edgy within yourself, disconnected, exhausted. The levels of vulnerability and emotions are higher than ever, and although we might be feeling we want to express ourselves and help people go through their transformation, these are times that it is vital to give ourselves the space to feel what we are feeling as we are going through this, because if we don't integrate what we are feeling we become off center and loose our balance and we don't personally get to access the transformation that we are here to have in ourselves. If we aren't giving ourselves the time to catch up with what we are feeling, to breath, to have quiet moments to digest what is going on, then we might be feeling that we are getting stuck, or that we are dealing with road blocks, and that is because right now we need to do "small", to be more inwards, to meditate, to rest, so we can catch up with what is going on so we can integrate how fast everything is changing.

All of this can be very overwhelming, and if we are overwhelmed then we cannot be productive in what we are doing. So right now we are being asked to go deeper into how we take care of ourselves, our consciousness, our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

This understanding will help us keep our health and strength during this trying times, it will help us be united with our inner core and then we can go through this eminent changes and come into our new power where we will be able to manifest gracefully and in flow our new presence and bring that power of love into the world …

These are times to look after ourselves in a gentle and caring way!!!

Are you doing it???

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