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Why are you going to Israel – again?!

I'm a Life Alignment practitioner and teacher in London. I'm here in Tel Aviv for my second personal healing retreat. Before I came I was asked… Why are you going to Israel – again?

I came last year because I was in the middle of a crisis and I knew I needed the space and the distance, to get away, to give myself permission to heal and to embark on a process of making myself whole, of taking care of myself, of discovering more of myself – the real, true, essential me.

I made a positive and definite choice to come here to the Lighthouse – it's as if I heard the calling! Come to Limor, and Tom!

And I found great peace. A warm and loving embrace and an absence of judgement which enabled me to face my own habits and patterns which the Universe (together with my Higher Self) had so generously and SO clearly shown me I had no choice but to face! And to let go; to allow the pain and hurt and anger and sorrow and grief of years to surface; and decide – do something about this? Or…..? There was no choice. The where, how and who was/is the Lighthouse.

I received such love, attention, warmth, care. And I healed. And I have continued to heal through the intervening months. Now I listen to myself, see myself – all of myself, am myself. I accept myself as unique and whole, without depending on the approval of others. I have continued to work with Limor and with Tom, who once gave me the gift of telling me, as I wept and let out the darkness inside, 'now you have shown all of yourself and we know and love you even more'. I had never before experienced such acceptance of me!

And now I'm back because I'm ready for the next layer, to find and get to know more of myself. Because the Lighthouse is unique. An oasis of wellbeing, of healing. Coming down the path (in May a profusion of Passion Flowers; in February, budding Jasmin), through the door I am enveloped, embraced by the welcome, warmth, smiles, the sense of honest love and care and attention. Of Light.

Here mind and body and spirit can chose and experience a range of activities, therapies, workshops. Here, with a perfectly, carefully, lovingly designed schedule, I am healing what I am ready to heal today. And I'm held and heard and I can feel myself expanding, shedding years, a lifetime of… well! That's my story! I am healing – through Life Alignment, with yoga and Chi Gong, with massage and numerology, through laughter and tears and always through love which just shines here! The Lighthouse has such a big heart. Come and experience it for yourself.

The Lighthouse A haven. A safe space. A healing oasis. A Light house.

Sunshine in my soul

Love and laughter in my life Warmth and welcome Nurturing The expansion of feeling and sensing Of Soul

The Lighthouse keepers. Strong. Shining lights. Inspiration. Warm, welcoming loving Who see Who show the love and care Who listen and hold you tenderly Who allow the wisdom to come and who share it Who have such deep trust and respect and honesty Who live in, and give, hope, harmony, integrity.

Thank you my dear dear friends. My family.

אלה מילים מאת דיאנה ריס

אלה מילים המסכמות תהליך של 13 ימי תהליך ריפוי ואור

מילים של אשה אמיצה, המגיעה זו הפעם השניה מאנגליה, לתקופת ריפוי אינטנסיבית אצלינו ב- Lighthouse

במרכז התהליך האישי שלה אינדיווידואציה, שלמות ואינטגרציה

אשה אמיצה העוברת מסע קסום ומרוכז, צרוף באהבה החלמה וצמיחה.

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