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מאת: שאנטי רובינזון ביליצקי

During these days of so many changes, when a different reality is being created around us and within us, and with the feeling that time has become a different commodity in our lives, I invite you all to ask a question that I am asking myself too: What is my aim or goal, what is our personal goal as caretakers with our clients?

It could seem a silly question, but I am seriously asking you to consider this and spend some time with it, inside your hearts with all the honesty you are capable of bringing into the deeper levels of your being.

I have spent many days pondering on this, and I know that I have not yet come to any clear conclusion, because every time I bring something up, another deeper question appears.

For example, when I changed my life journey from being a Mathematics and English Teacher, 30 years ago, to becoming a Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master, I guess one of my goals was to help people with their pain, either to make it disappear or to help them cope with it. The massage would alleviate their physical pain and Reiki would help their emotional pain to surface and then to cope with it.

Then after a few years Life Alignment came into my life and I learned the tools to help them focus, prioritize and deal with their emotional pain, and soon I left the Massage Therapy to others.

After some time it became clear that pain is just a symptom of something deeper. Whether it is physical or emotional, it is only telling us a story of an imbalance… so, was my new goal now treating imbalances in people because they are creating their emotional or physical pain?

Sure… but of course we know that imbalances, which are again symptoms, are partly created by how people view the world, experiences it, their physical and emotional DNA heritage or epigenetics and by the stories they tell themselves about what they encounter in their everyday lives.

So is my new goal now helping people change the script of their stories so they can see life in a different light and experience it with less imbalances that create their physical and emotional pain?

Can I see myself as being a "Director" of the new story, or a writer of the new script, and take the responsibility of encouraging people to see their story in a different way?

NO, definitely not for me today, although it was exciting and fun to be part of the process in the past...

Maybe, for me today, a more exact goal would be to talk about helping others to clear the "noise" their symptoms are creating in their lives so they can then focus into knowing their inner selves and making that intimate connection with their soul.

From that point they will be able to really see that there are choices that can be taken as to how they want to live their lives. And of course, which tools are the ones that are the most appropriate for them to learn and use to make those choices while being very present, and how can they manifest them, gracefully and at their own pace, with absolute responsibility to their own scripts and lives.

If I re-read what I have just written and I am willing to navigate into higher realms and bring them here and now, I dare say that what I want as a goal in my life and therefore with my clients is Tikun Olam…. Which sounds big and ….pretentious… and sooo much not like me, but yes, I want a better world for me, my children and grandchildren, and for all of us.

A world where human beings can be. Where we can be-come connected and know who we are. Where we can be independent as well as act in unification when needed, with compassion. Where we can be present and strong, and vulnerable at the same time.

A world where we are free to revise our personal values, and those of our society without fear. A world where the act of choosing becomes second nature and is part of our education without conditions, as long as it is coming from a place of respect of others and doesn't harm any life.

A few years ago the idea of a place where different people with different "tools" could work together and share in their interdisciplinary knowledge was being created, and when the time was right, it was manifested by two beautiful people, Limor and Tom, and that is how they gave birth to Lighthouse, our House of Light where we work and share visions, and many times share clients when appropriate. It is a place where we are never alone, where we walk our talk, help each other and where Tikun Olam can be possible.

To me, it is being and living in the frequency of LOVE….



שאנטי רובינזון ביליצקי

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