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עודכן: 3 בפבר׳ 2021

By: Laura Sofia

LS: Dear Success, who are you?

Mr. Success: It depends on how you look at me, there are as many ways to define me as infinite points of views. My name comes from the Latin "Succedere"; which means an accomplishment of a desired end, an advance, a happy outcome.

LS: I used to believe you were always too big to get. I used to feel that no matter the accomplishment I reached, it wasn't enough to reach you. Still, I used to convince my strong ambition that one day I would reach you, this kind of success that comes from wealth and prosperity.

Mr. Success: And, did you reach me?

LS: I actually realized it is not a matter of reaching, it is a matter of feeling in a state of success. I realized that success comes with many failures on the way, that failure is a big part of being successful. I'm on my way. :) In the past, the reason behind becoming successful for me was basically to be seen. I was hooked by competition and comparison. Now, I found you in my way, reminding myself each time to appreciate you as “a process", still, many times I forget that you are much bigger than just wealth or a happy outcome.

Mr. Success: And what made you get to these realizations?

LS: The more I looked inside, the less I needed to compare myself and to compete. The more I gained peace & strength with myself, the less I needed you, to see me. The more I appreciate the satisfaction in each step, the less I focused on getting the success just from accomplished goals or received recognition. The more steps I took to grow within, the more detached I was from you, and the closest I was getting to you.

Which connects me with you and the therapeutic work. So, I share few steps here that I realized can help tours a path of success:

  • Focusing on giving without wanting to receive

  • To follow your truth is not easy but it's more fulfilling than to follow the truth of others.

  • To listen more to people that lift you up, that encourage you.

  • The way to success comes with many failures. Keep on going.

  • Trusting that life provides exactly what we need and learning to receive it.

  • Use the gifts that life gives you, because she wants you to use them.

  • Instead of wanting to succeed NOW, to set a goal for 2 or 3 years, in long distance.

  • If you just think about it, whatever it is that you want, think about the actions instead.

So, Thank you Mr. Success for the times that I succeeded and the times that I failed. May we all be successful in appreciating and honoring each single step that supports our growth in the path of life.

The Lighthouse has been a very strong anchor for me, to grow in this successful journey until where I am now, allowing me to support successfully so many people in their journeys, thanks to the home feeling that the space carries with magnificent harmony within, a team of inspiring and gifted professionals, and the fabulous energy, generosity, strength and huge heart from the founders. I feel eternally grateful. Success, for me, is to be able to share back with this land everything, all the love, generosity, humanity, creativity, growth that I have received.

A little about me, my name is Laura Sofia. I am a therapist and a dancer, I support people to improve their wellbeing through a therapeutic psychosomatic healing process, I share tools that transform physical and mental blockages into opportunities to bring more aliveness, truth, balance and joy into life, with aid of emotional counseling, body and breath work. I also created a therapeutic and artistic project experience for women called “Authentic beauty Journey”, that supports them connecting to their authentic beauty by a movement photo session.

Laura Sofia Hernandez Gil

Specialist in supporting people to improve their wellbeing and balance in life through a therapeutic process of psychosomatic sessions. We transform physical and mental blockages into opportunities to bring more aliveness, ease and joy into life. I also guide women to reconnect to their authentic beauty by a movement and a photosession

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